Magnetic and Copper Bangles/Bracelets

For Centuries Magnetism has been used to relieve pain, reduce inflammation and enhance healing. It is believed that the gentle penetrative magnetic flux aids blood circulation to remove harmful toxins and distribute oxygen, proteins and minerals around the body promoting healthy new cell growth.

Prices: Copper Bangles no magnets £8.99 - 6 Magnet Bangles £12.99 - Stainless Steel Bracelets Magnets on most links depending on bracelet design £19.99 and free Fitting

Also now stocking SOS Bracelets and necklaces £27.99 and copper and magnetic insoles £22.99

To get exact fitting i would suggest you pop in to our shop and have a look at the different styles and try some on. If thats not possible measure your wrist and drop me an email and i can let you know what is available.


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