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What new at Glaswegian Health Shop

Now stocking Cherry capsules for sleeping and joint pain only £7.49

Carb Blocker - Garcinia Cambogia Complex - now in stock -  45 day supply only £9.99.

Now stocking more Caurnie Soaperie Products Soaps and shampoo.

NOW STOCKING MAGNETIC AND COPPER BANGLES AND BRACELETS INSTORE - £10.99 -£19.99 makes a Lovely gift for all ages.

Why spend £150-£200 on various meal replacement companies when we can put together practically the same thing for about £50 a month, why no pop into our shop to find out more or look at our Our Weight Loss page - Now Available - Deluxe Rapid Diet Plan £51.99.
They are selling very well and customers are getting great results.

Example of Prices Per week then per month next to it as written on Cambridge Diet Website:
  • Cambridge Weight Plan £44.10 so £176.40 per month
  • C9 PLAN £90-£120 for 9 days supply
  • LighterLife £71.00 so £284 a month
  • Weight Watchers £58.70 so £234.80 per month
  • Slimming World £58.15 so £232.60 per month
  • Slim-Fast £49.56 so £198.24 per month
  • All about W8 £61.25 so £245 per month
  • Conventional Eating £53.20 so £212.80 per month
  • Herblife is about £150-£200 per month
  • C9 Plan (£90-£120) For 9 days supply