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Improve Me is one of the most respected and trusted brands for CBD OlL Products in the UK. CDB Oil is 100% Legal and will not make you high or stoned because they is no THC in this product.

Not all CBD Products are the same, many of the lower priced or half priced products are not 100% cannabis oil, when you look at the ingredients section it is mixed with other oils and ingredients and if you look closely they don't tell you exactly how much cbd oil is in each drop, so they are giving you a percentage of a mixed blend not a pure cannabis oil blend. On many of the packaging it says using 100% cannabis oil, yes, but look carefully at the labeling and it is blended with other oils, so is it really 100%.

Used for various health conditions as seen on TV, newspapers and Magazines.

1 Bottle contains 10ml of CBD Oil (with dropper inside bottle)

Depending on drop size each Bottle contains 200 average drops

Ingredients: Cannabis Sativa L (Hemp Seed Oil), CBD Oil (Cannabidiol).

Ingredients are derived from organically cultivated Hemp. All Food and pharmaceutical grade to GMP code of practise.

* Lab reports are available on request